wtorek, 13 października 2009

Restoring /home

Ok, here is what I've done to restore my /home partition.

What was the problem?
All of partitions where successfully mounted except one -- the /home. It looked as a total disaster, because I didn't have a recent backup. Remember! Always do a backup of your important data.

I use reiser3 type partition, and we have excellent tools such a resierfsprogs to manage such partitions. Because first error came from bad superblock, I did:
reiserfsck --restore-sb /dev/hda8


reiserfsck --check /dev/hda8

and the partition looked ok. Tried to mount it. Couldn't.
Ok, few minutes of googling, tried upgrading reiserfsprogs to 3.21 (gentoo machine) and did:
reiserfsck --restore-tree

Went for a tea. Another tea, meet some friends, came back home, and voila! Tried to mount /home. Mounted successfull.

Then, plugged in external drive, and did a backup with rsync.

This should save me some time next time...