sobota, 14 listopada 2009

Frappe Killer

Ha! Now it's time for something useful:) The Frappe Killer drink.

  • Cold Milk
  • IceCoffee (i.e. Nescape Frappe or so)
  • Malibu

Fill the glass or shaker whatever proportions you like, mix them and that's it!

Now sit down and drink. If You can stand up then, take another Frappe Killer.


niedziela, 8 listopada 2009

Shift-Enter never ever

Allright, there is one special keyboard shortcut in word processors, such as OOWriter or Word, which makes me angrrry: SHIFT-ENTER. It creates a soft-linebreak, without paragraph break (hard-linebreak), which in most cases is a total distaster when preparing a document to print. When you turn on view of non-printing chars, you will see soft-linebreak as a down-left-arrow, similar to the arrow of an ENTER key. Hard-linebreak shows up as a reversed P.

The problem is, when user uses SHIFT-ENTER to create line breaks, and not an ENTER. Then you'll have many many soft-linebreaks to remove. Doing it by hand is a simple, but time wasting task. Fortunately we have a Find&Replace tool in OOwriter which will help us.

What we have to do?
1) Open Find&Replace tool
2) Show more options
3) Use regular expressions
4) In "Find" put '\n' (without quotes)
5) In "Replace to" put '\n' (without quotes)
6) Replace all. And THAT'S IT! All SHIFT-ENTER breaks will turn to hard linebreaks.

Uff. Then I have more time for coffee breaks:)