poniedziałek, 24 sierpnia 2009

It looks great. It runs fast. Faster than Firefox and Opera. Comparable to Arora. The development version of Google Chrome for Linux, which I installed today and work in it all day without a crash or other browsing problems.

I spent most of my day work on the Internet. Working with websites, searching for information etc, thus I need my main web browser to be fast, efficient, powerful and good-looking. I like Opera for its design, but its heavy. I like FF because of capability of extending its functionality by add-ons, and for great add-ons like Web Developer and AdBlock/NoScript. But it's heavy and slows down and look ugly in default configuration (I reconfigured the skin etc., but it is not the way). I track the development of Arora, which runs in a second, looks simple, but still, has some lacks and currently I cannot work on it as a webdeveloper.

When I first use GoogleChrome on my VirtualBox with WinXP I was amazed. Fast and well-looking, I discovered then themes. Today I installed the developer snapshot and worked all day. It has built-in webdeveloper tools, maybe not so great like FF add-on mentioned above, but it is usefull. Currently there is no stable flash support, but it is a matter of coding time;) . Minimalistic, great design, fast engine, runs in a second too:) For a web developer it is a good alternative for FF/Opera.

It was just a good day without spending time on arguing with FF or Opera. Just try it:)

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