sobota, 31 lipca 2010

Drupal7. I'm impressed. I'm confused

I use Drupal. It's my tool for content managment on the web. I started with D5, extensively used D6, and testing upcoming D7 (as time of writing D7-alpha6). Over 50 modules included, CCK, ImageCache in core. Many user-interface improvement, installing modules and themes with the web interface. New default theme. Sqlite support. Menus reorganized. Admin interface reorganized.

In its current stage still feels incomplete. I'm not complaing, I'm really impressed of the work od Drupal Developers. But, personally, as a Drupal user, I miss such small things, that I will have to setup by self with help of external modules:

-- features of BetterFormats (the most)
-- some small ThemeAPI improvements, like overriding "submitted by" message within the template.php. This is especially useful when you want to create a theme containing only css file and template.php file -- yes, it is possible to create such theme, but you cannot override "submitted stuff" (maybe I will create or search for a module or sth)

There are of course, as of alpha stage, many minor things to improve. But as for now, new Drupal major release will be a huge step forward in cms world. Well, right now, after clean and standard installation of D7, the only thing I have to do is to install Views, Markdown and Colorbox modules. Do you feel the difference? (tip: in D6: Views, CCK, Imagefield, Imagecache, Markdown, Colorbox, Contact etc.)

And I have some small D8 list...

-- BetterFormats fully in core
-- NodeHierarchy2 instead of Book
-- Blog/Forum turned into content types integrated with Views
-- Yes, Views in core.

At beta-1 stage, I'm really impressed -- it is a huge improvement in webdevel/admin :D

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